tour program on board the comfortable cruise motor ship "Nikolay Eroshchenko" on Lake Baikal

Relax & Eco tour program on board the comfortable cruise
motor ship "Nikolay Eroshchenko" on Lake Baikal

August 3 – August 10, 2023

"Baikal was created as a crown and mystery of nature
not for production needs,
and so that we can drink its the main and priceless
wealth - water,
admire its sovereign beauty and breathe its reserved air.
It never refused to help a man,
but only if the water remains clean,
the beauty is not ruined, the air is not polluted,
and life in and around it is unspoiled.
This is what we need first and foremost."
V. G. Rasputin

1st day, August 3

Time Events 
14:00  Self-check-in at the Taiga Hotel 4**** in Irkutsk
16:00-19:00 Sightseeing bus tour of the Irkutsk city

Day 2, August 4

Time Events 
08:30-10:00                  Transfer: Irkutsk – Listvyanka village, pier of the East-Siberian river shipping company

Boarding the motor ship "Nikolay Eroshchenko" in Listvyanka village, pier of the East-Siberian river shipping company. Welcome buffet. Accommodation on board. Acquaintance with the crew, safety briefing.

10:30-13:30 Departure to Cape Polovinny, Circum-Baikal Railway.
12:30-13:30 Lunch on board
13:30-14:00 Arrival at Cape Polovinny Landing of guests by boat (in favorable weather, takes 30-60 minutes) 
14:00-16:00  Walk to Cape Polovinny , excursion program
16:00-16:30  Boarding the ship by boat (in favorable weather, takes 30-60 minutes) 
16:30 Departure to Ogoi Island
18:30 – 19:30 Dinner on board. 

3rd day, August 5

Time Events 
08:00 – 09:00 Breakfast on board.
12:30-13:30  Lunch on board 
13:30 Arrival of the ship on Ogoy Island (Baikal National Park).
13:30 – 14:00 Landing on the shore by boat (in favorable weather, takes 30-60 minutes)
14:00 – 16:00 Ogoy Island tour. Visiting the Stupa of Enlightenment.
Ogoy Island is one of the "places of power" of Lake Baikal. A Buddhist stupa, called the Stupa of Enlightenment, was built on the top of the island in 2005. If you walk around this Stupa barefoot, you can purify yourself spiritually – from various experiences, worries and problems. For this purpose there is a path laid around the Stupa. Also it is necessary to make a wish at this palce of power and it will definitely come true. 
16:00 – 16:30 Boarding the ship by boat (in favorable weather, takes 30-60 minutes). Departure of the ship to Olkhon Island, Khuzhir village (Baikal National Park).
18:00 Arrival of the ship on Olkhon Island, Khuzhir village.
                                                                                           Olkhon Island is the largest island of Lake Baikal. Olkhon is the geographical, historical, sacred center of the Lake. Olkhon Island is a place where, according to the legend, the Buryat people originated and the first Buryat shaman received the gift. Shamanka Rock is one of the nine shrines of Asia. The most revered cave is in the cape of the Rock, which is considered to be the habitat of the host spirit of Olkhon. 
18:00 – 18:30 Landing on the shore by boat (in favorable weather, takes 30-60 minutes) 
18:30 – 20:30 Visit the sacred Shamanka Rock. A walk around the Island. 
20:30-21:00  Boarding the ship by boat (in favorable weather, takes 30-60 minutes). Departure of the ship to the Malye Ushkany Islands (Baikal National Park).
21:00 Dinner on board. 

Day 4, August 6

Time Events 
06:00  Arrival to the Malye Ushkany Islands.
06:00 – 08:00  It is possible to visit the rookery of Baikal seals, if the weather is favorable, upon request of guests for an extra fee(payment in cash on the spot – 2500 rubles). Boarding/landing on the shore by boat (in favorable weather, takes 30-60 minutes).
                 The Ushkany Islands have the status of the monument of nature. The archipelago consists of 4 islands: the Bolshye Ushkany Island, and the Malye Ushkany Islands: Long, Thin and Round. On the rocky beaches of the Ushkany Islands seals rest in their natural habitat. There are up to several hundred of them here. That is why the Islands are classified as a protected area of the Baikal National Park and visits of the Islands are strictly limited. The Islands are protected by the inspectors of the Baikal National Park from poachers and an excessive number of visitors. The Baikal seal is a very timid animal, and therefore, it is necessary to observe very important rules while visiting the rookery of Baikal seals: do not make noise, do not light fires, walk only along specially paved paths. In order not to scare off the seal while visiting the Ushkany Islands, you should not wear bright clothes. There is pristine forest of tall pines and larches, dense thickets of Daurian rhododendron has been perfectly preserved on the Ushkany Islands. Unusual sea cabbage bloom on the steep shores of the Islands in early summer. One of the most interesting phenomena of the Ushkany Islands is anthills. The number of anthills on the Island is unparalleled among the other places in the Russian Federation, their total number is several thousand. There are 18-20 anthills per 1 hectare on the Island. 
08:00  Departure of the ship to Chivyrkuysky Bay, Snake Bay.
09:00-10:00 Breakfast on board
13:00-14:00  Lunch on board
14:00-14:30 Arrival of the ship in Chivyrkuysky Bay, Snake Bay. Landing on the shore by boat (in
favorable weather, takes 30-60 minutes)
14:30-17:30 Bathing in hot springs. A walk along the trail upon request of guests
17:30-18:00  Boarding the ship by boat 
18:00 Departure of the ship to Ayaya Bay
20:30-21:30  Dinner on board. 

5th day, August 7

Time Events 
06:00  Breakfast on board.
06:00 – 08:00  Arrival of the ship in Ayaya Bay
09:00-10:00 Landing on the shore by boat
(in favorable weather, takes 30-60 minutes).


Hiking along the eco path. The length of the path is 7 km. The difficulty level is average. Picnic on the shore with taiga tea made on the campfire. Lunch in the format of a lunch box is issued on the ship. Frolikha Lake is one of the most reserved places on northern Baikal. This mountain lake was formed during the Ice Age when 2 glaciers collided in this valley. The resulting dam limited the flow of rivers and formed a huge lake. And since then, little has changed there: the lake is still surrounded by mountains and virgin taiga. The Frolikha Lake is extraordinary beautiful! Frolicha is worth to visit if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature untouched by man. The lake is a home to a rare Arctic fish Davatchan – a nod to the ice age. Davatchan is listed in the Red Book. How the Arctic fish got into the lake is one of the mysteries of Lake Baikal. 
17:00-18:00  Boarding the ship by boat (in favorable weather, takes 30-60 minutes). 
20:00  Dinner on board
Departure of the ship to Olkhon Island, Khuzhir village

***With a reduction in the duration of the hike to Frolikha Lake, it is possible to visit the Hakusy sanatorium

Day 6, August 8

Time Events 
06:00  Breakfast on board.
13:00-14:00 Lunch on board
16:00-16:30  Arrival of the ship on Olkhon Island, Khuzhir village. Landing on the shore by boat (in
favorable weather, takes 30-60 minutes)


Ethnographic meeting with a shaman. A walk around the village - upon request of guests.
19:30-20:00  Boarding the ship by boat. Departure to Akademicheskaya Bay, Baikal Dunes recreation center.
20:00 Dinner on board


Day 7, August 9


Time Events 
08:00  Arrival of the ship to Akademicheskaya Bay, Baikal Dunes recreation center.
09:00 – 10:00  Breakfast on board.
16:00-16:30  Landing in Akademicheskaya Bay, Baikal Dunes recreation center


Baikal Dunes recreation center is located 280 km from Irkutsk on the territory of the Baikal National Park. The well-groomed territory and wellmaintained beach area combined with new wooden cottages, organically integrated into the landscape of Akademicheskaya Bay, leave a pleasant impression. Surrounded on one side by rocks and the beautiful Siberian taiga, and on the other side by Lake Baikal, the recreation center offers its guests accommodation in one of the most beautiful places on Lake Baikal, where everything creates great mood: the taiga slopes of the Primorsky Ridge, many large and small rocks, cedars, larch, the purest beach of fine quartz pebbles.
11:00 -13:00 Excursion to Sandy Bay, Babushka Bay.
The length is 1.5 km . The difficulty level is low.
The excursion includes visiting Sandy Bay, Babushka Bay, Big Bell Tower Rock. The
bay. A clean sandy beach, shaped like a semicircle, 750 m long, is picturesquely framed by rocks – Large Bell Tower Rock and Small Bell Tower Rock. You will see the famous stilt trees, under which the water and wind from the south of the lake constantly wash away the sandy soil. They grow on a sandy slope in the northern part of the bay.
These are pines and larches that have risen above the ground on stilt roots above human height. Going down to Babushka Bay, pay attention to Grandfater Cape. From this angle, it becomes clear where the
name of the cape came from. From Sandy Bay to Babushka Bay you will be led by a path laid through
thickets of bagulnik and huge anthills.
Sandy Bay - one of the most famous and picturesque places on the lake - it does not leave anyone
indifferent. The Bay also has a name Siberian Riviera, and it has been declared a natural monument. It was
as if the Creator, finishing the shores of Lake Baikal, felt inspired here and with special love sculpted rocks,
smooth mountain slopes and the right half-length of the bay beach, harmoniously placing all this on a small
space of the Baikal coast. Sandy Bay has a mild microclimate and a large number of sunny days a year, the
same as in the resorts of the Black Sea coast. This is the only place in Eastern Siberia where the average
annual air temperature is positive (+0.4 ° C).
14:00 – 15:00 Lunch on board.
15:00 – 18:00  Rest on the sandy beach. An excursion to the "Ferris Rock" is upon request of guests.
  Russian bathhouse on the shore with tea from Baikal herbs.
20:00 – 21:00  Captain's dinner on board 
00:00  Departure of the ship to the Listvyanka village, pier of the East-Siberian river shipping company.

Day 8, August 10


Time Events 
07:00                         Arrival of the ship in Listvyanka village.
08.00-09:00 Breakfast on board
09:00-09:30  Landing on the shore in Listvyanka village, pier of the East-Siberian river shipping
company. The end of the voyage.


Transfer: Listvyanka village – Airport (if necessary) – hotel

1. When visiting Ushkaniy Island, the presence of the Baikal seal on the rookery is not guaranteed;
2. Before visiting the hot springs (Chivyrkuysky Bay, Snake Bay, Khakusy sanatorium), it is necessary to consult your doctor);
3. Bringing third-party alcohol on board the ship is prohibited.

Program distance calculation:
Listvyanka village – Polovinny Cape – 40 km (3 hours)
Polovinny Cape– Ogoy Island– 270 km (21 hours)
Ogoy Island– Olkhon Island, Khuzhir village – 25 km (1 hour 40 minutes)
Olkhon Island, Khuzhir village – Malye Ushkany Islands – 120 km (9 hours 30 minutes)
Malye Ushkany Islands - Chivyrkuysky Bay (Snake Bay)- 60 km (4 hours 30 minutes)
Chivyrkuysky Bay (Snake Bay) – Ayaya Bay– 210 km (16 hours)
Ayaya Bay– Olkhon Island, Khuzhir village – 300 km (20 hours)
Khuzhir village - Akademicheskaya Bay -165 km (12 hours)
Akademicheskaya Bay – Listvyanka village – 90 km (7 hours)
Total: 1280 km
The mileage limit is 150 km per day * 6 days = 900 km
Exceeding the mileage limit by 380 km. 

Cabin category

Price (net price)

 in yuan

Standart (TWIN + exb) 


Main deck (windows open): 304, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309; lower deck

(windows do NOT open): 201, 202, 203, 204, 206*, 207

(* near the engine room).

Two single beds (+ extraplace - folding top shelf), S 8 m2

In the cabin: shower and toilet in one area, wardrobe, socket, bedside tables, bedside lamps, DVD, TV, telephone, hair dryer, heater


15 067 р.р. (lower shelf)        

12 280 р.р.(upper shelf) 

42 350 (for the whole cabin)                                                                         

 Superior (DBL)

Main deck (windows open) 301, 303; lower deck (windows do not open): 200, 201. One double bed. S 10 m2

shower, jacuzzi, toilet, wardrobe, table, socket, two single beds or one double bed, bedside tables, bedside lamps, DVD, TV, telephone, hair dryer, heater

21 672 (for 1 person)

43 344 (for the whole cabin) 

Deluxe (DBL)

Main deck (windows open): 302. One double bed. S 34 m2

jacuzzi, toilet, wardrobe, large round table, socket, 2 rooms, large bed, corner sofa, bedside tables, bedside lamps, DVD, TV, bookcase, hair dryer, heater

55 000 (for the whole cabin) 

Additional charge: hotel accommodation before/after the cruise (357 yuan for a single stay 3***, BB; 460 yuan for a double stay 3***, ВВ) or

(456 yuan for a single stay 4****, BB; 547 yuan for a double stay 4****, ВВ).

We provide visa support (we issue an invitation to open a tourist visa)

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Алексей Курц, к.ю.н, доцент

Бизнес-тренер, бизнес-консультант, кандидат юридических наук, доцент Генеральный директор группы компаний «Альфа-консалтинг», Управляющий партнер агентства интернет-маркетинга «Нэтмаркет», основатель образовательного сервиса Bipars.ru, с помощью которого можно получить дополнительное образование не выходя из дома, разработчик системы комплексного корпоративного обучения – Электронный корпоративный университет с автоматической системой аттестации сотрудников.

19 лет в активных продажах (дорожно-строительная техника, бытовая химия, продукты, одежда, услуги и прочее), более 12 лет опыта руководства бизнесом (консалтинг, интернет-маркетинг, франчайзинг).

Провел свыше 500 тренингов и семинаров, обучение прошли более 5000 человек, в том числе 2000 руководителей компаний.

Результаты проведенных семинаров, тренингов и консалтинговых проектов: запущено 74 бизнеса, нанято и обучено 1245 сотрудников, открыто 146 филиалов и представительств для клиентов.

Опыт антикризисного управляющего и консультанта в различных сферах бизнеса, опыт развития компаний «с нуля», построения продаж, развития компаний по франшизе, открытия новых направлений и пр.

В портфолио более 1500 клиентов – юридических лиц в 12 регионах России, увеличивших входящий трафик и продажи от 30 до 200%. Среди клиентов: Scarlett, группа компаний АК БАРС, Сахалинское морское пароходство, Fabio Bruno, Росинтер Ресторантс Холдинг, Alan Clinic, Двери Софья, Choupette, Torex, Пегас туристик, Татнефть и др.

Автор стратегий по развитию бизнеса и привлечению клиентов для компаний федерального уровня в сегменте b2b и b2с в таких сферах, как: торговля (окна, двери, игрушки, мебель, продукты питания), промышленное производство, строительство, недвижимость, юридические услуги, финансовые услуги, общественное питание и др. Автор многочисленных публикаций и интервью по интернет-маркетингу и продажам в газетах, журналах и на TV (Первый канал, МИР24, World Business Channel). Постоянный участник российских конференций в области маркетинга и продаж.

Автор книг:

  1. «Секреты интернет-маркетинга: как сделать сайт продающим». – М., 2014 г. – 114 с.;
  2. «Свой бизнес от А до Я». – М., 2016 г. – 297 с.;
  3. «Управление продажами». – М., 2017 г. – 192 с.


Автор видео-курсов:

  1. Интернет-маркетинг;
  2. Управление продажами;
  3. Деловые переговоры;
  4. Личная эффективность руководителя;
  5. Тайм-менеджмент;
  6. Ораторское искусство.
  7. Управление персоналом;
  8. Мотивация персонала;
  9. Тренинг для тренеров;
  10.  Командообразование:
  11.  Повышение продаж с помощью CRM Битрикс24


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